Cast Iron Kettlebell


Bumper Plates Cast Iron Kettlebell
Competiotion Kettlebell Dumbells
Olympic Weight Plates PVC Kettlebells
Standard Plates  


Calipers Mechanical Personal Scale
Platform Scale Suunto Watches
Aerobic Bars

Group Accessories

Aerobic Bars Aerobic Step
Aerobics Mat Ankle and Wrist Weights
Bosu Balance Trainer Foam Roller
mini-trampoline Neoprene Dumbbells
Resistant tubing with handles Yoga Blocks
Yoga Mat  

Fitness Balls

Slam Ball Stability Ball
Vinyl Medicine Ball  
Bicep Triceps Bar

Cable Attachment Handles

Bicep Triceps Bar D-Handle
Lat Pulldown Bar Multi_Functional_Bar
Triceps Rope V-Grip Handle


Muay Thai Pads MMA Gloves
Boxing Gloves 70
67 39
36 34


Strong Man Log Bar Squat Pad
Spring Collar Olympic Olympic EZ Bar
Olympic Bar Hex Olympic Bar
Spring Collar Standard

Olympic Adaptor Sleeve


Olympic Adapter Sleeve – 8” / 20cm (OAS8)


Converts 1″ standard plate weight posts to 2″ Olympic weight posts – 8″ long. Heavy-duty nylon with hex bolt lock-down for long lasting performance.
Sold Individually


Aerobic Mats and Steps


High Density Aerobic Mats

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Commercial Aerobic Step

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Jogging Board

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Jogging board


Jogging Board


 Our cushioned jogging boards are made with the highest quality wood and cushion padding materials available. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality exercise platform in the world.
•    Designed with extra thick shock absorbing anti-fatigue, anti-slip cushioned padding on the top running board
•    Designed to be easy on your joints and the shock absorbing exercise board is used for jogging or running in place
•    Super-tough energy absorbing cushion blocks are made of high-density foam and placed under the wooden bounce board for extra cushion and comfort
•    Strong yet flexible wood square allows for strenuous exercise on the largest exercise pad available