Fitness Machine

Ab-solo Core Abdominal Training System!

The Ab-solo fitness machine is the fitness industry’s first abdominal exercise system that is both effective and FUN! Its unique design provides an upper body workout, a core (back /hip/ stomach) workout, a trunk and spinal flexibility workout, and a terrific cardiovascular workout.

The Hottest Abdominal Fitness Equipment in the Industry!

A Must Have For All Fitness Centres & Gyms

The revolutionary new Ab-solo core abdominal intensive training system has created an international fitness phenomenon. Facilities, trainers and exercisers are raving about this interactive, fun and effective way to develop abdominal strength, cardio endurance and muscle coordination.

Progressive Training: exercisers establish a controlled crunch movement tossing the Absolo medicine balls against a target, either ball catch or bounce board, then retrieve and repeat. Ab-solo training can be as challenging as desired by using heavier Ab-solo medicine balls, increasing pace, modifying upper body movements and increasing the number of repetitions.