G2B/G3S/G6B Multi Gyms


Body Solid Optional Cable Column Attachment for G2B/G3S/G6B Multi Gyms


10 incremental adjustments and pivoting quad pulley design provide natural movements and allow users to fully customize their exercises. The dual handle design allows both unilateral and bilateral movements so you can concentrate on a single muscle or on a whole muscle group. A single pop pin adjustment keeps the transition between exercises smooth and simple. For use with the G2B, G3S, and G6B Home Gyms only.

Technical Specifications

  • 10 incremental adjustments
  • Pivoting quad-pulley design
  • Dual handle design
  • Dimensions: 180cm(L) x 236cm(W) x 212cm(H)

Shipping Carton Dimensions

  • box 1 (of 2) – 207cm x 15cm x 10cm | 7,5kg
  • box 2 (of 2) – 41″ x 21″ x 11″ | 15kg



Titan Rower AR


Titan Rower AR

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Concept 2

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 E820 Fitness UBE

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E620 Seated UBE

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Body craft 2 Stack

 Body craft 2 Stack



Frame Heavy 11 gauge, 3.25 inch X1.75 inch oval steel tubing
Finish Platinum Gray finish is electro-magnetically applied in powder form
Upholstery Double stitched vinyl covering 2
Pulleys 4 inch and 3 inch diameter, fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings
Cable The most flexible nylon coated, 7x 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength
Weight Stack 4 x 90 kgs Precision milled cast iron plates with nylon bushings for smooth action Weight stack enclosures: Steel weight stack guards provides safety and beauty
Guide rods Chrome plated
Working Area with Leg Press 221 x 280 x 211 cm
Working Area without Leg Press N/A
Four weight stacks allow for multiple simultaneous users
Adjustable Cable Column for Functional Training
Leg Press included  
Workout posters included  

Body Solid G3S Multi Gym..

Body Solid G3S Multi Gym


Advanced engineering has resulted in exceptional range of motion and full adjustability for any size user. The multi-grip press arm system delivers deep and effective muscle interaction for chest, incline and shoulder press movements. No need to sit on the floor to perform rowing exercises with the G3S, simply grasp the mid row handles for an exhilarating mid and lower back workout that will increase flexibility, build strength and relieve lower back stress.

Switch between high, mid and low pulley exercises quickly and easily with the G3S no cable change design. Perform lat pull downs, triceps press downs, biceps curls, resistance abdominal crunches and dozens more exercises with the included cable attachments. The Leg Extension / Leg Curl Station is fully adjustable to comfortably fit any size user and features thick foam rollers for maximum comfort. Add the optional Leg Press / Calf Press station for the ultimate lower body workout with up to 420 lbs. of resistance.



 Traditional press bar is biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development.

  • Lat pulldown station allows unlimited, full range of motion through unilateral, bilateral, converging or diverging movement.
  • Leg developer station features the SmoothGlide Bearing System with biomechanically accurate pivot point.
  • 160 lb. (73kg) selectorised weight stack. Optional 210 lb. (95kg) weight stack available.
  • High-density, top grade DuraFirm pads with lumbar support provide ultimate comfort and prevent lower back strain.
  • Easy to use, space saving, no-cable-change design.
  • 12-gauge mainframe construction assures maximum strength, function and durability.
  • Full-size exercise chart.
  • Telescoping, chrome plated, adjustable seat post for quick, smooth adjustment and proper body positioning.
  • Floor Space Dimensions: 80L x 47w x 84h
  • Live Working Area: 85L x 47w x 84h


Optional Extra:

1)Leg Press Attachment

2)Inner / Outer Thigh Attachment

3)Cable Column Attachment





Body Solid G6B Multi Gym



The Body-Solid G6B was rated a Consumer Guide® Best Buy over all the competition. Body-Solid has advanced gym technology beyond simple pressing motions. Our patented Bi-Angular® Press Arm guides you through the optimal range of motion while applying resistance from two directions. The smooth, multi-directional resistance increases muscle interaction by 25%. Now you can enjoy the benefits of Bi-Angular® Technology when doing chest presses, incline presses and shoulder presses. It’s like working out with free weights. The G6B also comes with the Perfect Pec™ Station.

Equipped with swivel arms, adjustable range of motion, and designed for both unilateral and bilateral movements, you get the maximum stretch for deep muscle toning and the most incredible upper body development possible. The leg developer’s SmoothGlide Bearing System™ combined with the self-aligning leg cuffs guide you through the most demanding leg curls and leg extensions. The G6B is jam packed with exercises. Lat pull downs, triceps presses, concentrated curls, leg adduction, leg abduction, and abdominal crunches. If you’re looking for a home gym and love the feel of free weights, then you’ll want the consumer’s choice, Body-Solid’s G6B.


  • Patented Bi-Angular® converging press station replicates a free weight dumbbell press and produces 25% more muscle interaction.
  • Chest, incline, shoulder press and leg developer stations incorporate the friction-free SmoothGlide Bearing System™.
  • Self-aligning, contoured leg extension cuffs automatically adjust throughout the exercise movement.
  • Integrated leg developer CAM prevents resistance drop-off at the end of the exercise movement and provides consistent resistance throughout full range of motion.
  • 210 lb. (95kg) selectorised weight stack. Optional 260 lb. (118kg) weight stack available.
  • High-density, top grade DuraFirm™ pads with lumbar support provide ultimate comfort and prevent lower back strain.
  • Telescoping, chrome plated gas-assist adjustable seat post for quick, smooth adjustment and proper body positioning.
  • Flip-up seated row foot brace plate stabilizes your body when using heavy resistance.
  • 2,200 lb. tension strength, military spec, steel aircraft cables with swiveling ends provide durability and low maintenance.
  • 4½” pulleys are impact resistant fiberglass reinforced nylon with precision machined steel ball bearings.
  • 2” x 3”, 11-gauge mainframe construction assures maximum strength, function and durability.
  • Tough, durable, electrostatically applied powder coat finish.
  • Easy to use, space saving, no-cable-change design.
  • Includes revolving lat bar, revolving straight bar, ankle strap, ab / triceps strap, Total Body Workout™ DVD, full size exercise chart and convenient water bottle and towel holder.
  • Full-size exercise chart.
  • Floor Space Dimensions: 85”L x 50”W x 83½”H (215cm x 127cm x 212cm)
  • With Leg Press Option: 85”L x 82”W x 83½”H (215cm x 208cm x 212cm)
  • Live Working Area: 85”L x 84”W x 83½”H (215cm x 213cm x 212cm)
  • With Leg Press Option: 85”L x 96”W x 83½”H (215cm x 243cm x 212cm)

Optional Extra

1)Leg Press Attachment

2)Inner / Outer Thigh Attachment

3)Cable Column Attachment






Specs – Steelflex XB7300 Commercial Upright Bike

Specs – Steelflex XB7300 Commercial Upright Bike



Full Commercial / Club Use


2-windows with Dot Matrix LED


Time /Distance /Speed /Heart Rate /Work Level /Watt /Mets /Calories


Manual /Hills /Random /Interval /Heart Rate Control /CV Workout /Fat Burn






16 Levels


30 to 275 WATTS




109 x 61cm




Frame – 10 years / Parts & Labour – 1 year

Specs-steelflex CB2 Commercial Upright bike

Specs-steelflex CB2 Commercial Upright bike

USA Designed and Developed with Step-through Design.
 1 Manual program setting.
 7 Programmed Workout settings: Constant Load, Weight Loss, Interval, CV Workout, Heart Rate Control, Fat Burn, Rolling

Fitness B70HRC Commercial upright bike


Fitness B70HRC Commercial upright bike

This professional Commercial model has Self-generating power with eight built-in programs and 16 levels of resistance

Read more

Benches Racks

Solid Fusion Vertical Knee Raise

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Body Solid Adjustable Ad Board

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Body Solid Bench Press / Leg Extension / Leg Curl Combo 

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Body Solid Dip Station (SMR1000)

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Body Solid Flat / Incline Bench (GFI21)

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Body Solid Flat / Incline / Decline Bench (GFID31)

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Body Solid Flat / Incline / Decline Bench (GFID71)

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Body Solid Hyper Extension (45 degrees)

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Body Solid Seated Preacher Curl Bench

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Body Solid Powerline Ab Crunch Bench

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Steelflex Neo Utility Stool

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Body Solid Powerline Ab Crunch Bench

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Body Solid Powerline Folding Flat/Incline/Decline Bench (PFID125X)

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Body Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Bench (PFID130X)

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Body Solid Powerline Hyper Extension – 

45 Degrees (PHYP200X)


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Body Solid Powerline Preacher Curl Bench (PPB32X)

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PowerLine Vertical Knee Raise / Chin / Dip / Push Up Combo

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Body Solid Powerline Vertical Leg Press (PVLP156X)

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Jogging Board

Jogging Board


 Our cushioned jogging boards are made with the highest quality wood and cushion padding materials available. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality exercise platform in the world. 
•    Designed with extra thick shock absorbing anti-fatigue, anti-slip cushioned padding on the top running board 
•    Designed to be easy on your joints and the shock absorbing exercise board is used for jogging or running in place 
•    Super-tough energy absorbing cushion blocks are made of high-density foam and placed under the wooden bounce board for extra cushion and comfort 

•    Strong yet flexible wood square allows for strenuous exercise on the largest exercise pad available