WHY LIFETRAC  LIFETRAC has more than 25 years experience in the health, fitness & gym industry. Through our experience & professionalism we help people live healthier lives. Reaching this goal starts with our devoted team of employees. We supply commercial, professional & home fitness products & services. Our products are durable, reliable & at the forefront of technology & design.

We believe that the best way to know everything possible about our products, is to use them. Ensuring active & healthy living is easier when we practice what we preach. LifeTrac is a central hub for all the products and services a customer requires for conceptualizing, launching and managing a gym facility. The complete range of gym equipment and additional products and services ensures that the customer will find all they need from LifeTrac.
The solutions include:

  • innovative gym equipment 
  • member management 
  • gym conceptualization and layout 
  • gym construction 
  • gym furniture and fixtures 
  • delivery, installation, maintenance and servicing 
  • gym launch assistance 
  • marketing material and tools – pamphlets, posters, websites 
  • supply of standard gym equipment 

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